what I learned..

So here I am. Crazy how fast time has gone. I miss the mission more than words can express. So many sacred experiences that I will cherish forever. Tennessee/Kentucky will always be very close to my heart! Oh how I love those people. And OH how I LOVE being a missionary. It really is the stuff. It is truly whats real and I learned so hard how wacked my priorities were pre-mission. 

It is all about Jesus. That is what it is all about.

Studying the atonement brings such a sweet spirit and is so incredible to learn about. He lives, and that is the honest truth. All other things in this life are menial. 

I did miss the mountains A HEAP TON on my mission. It feels good to be back in my element. If only I was still a missionary, only then would I be living the full dream. So much love for the work of the Lord and so much love for God's creations. Happy happy happy. 

I am happy now, I really think I am. I wasn't for awhile being home. I yearned for the mission everyday, I still do, but I am ready to tackle life with my head on straight and a burning testimony of the Savior. Two things I was somewhat missing before. 

Some things I have applied:
- Do not waste time. Ever. I was pretty good at this premission but I could've definitely realized how precious time is moreso than before. "Time is your inheritance from God," says the wise President Eyring
- Planning is everything. If you don't plan to read the scriptures, it ain't happening. If you don't plan to go to the temple, that ain't happening either. Same with exercise. So every week I look over my schedule and I plan plan plan. This eliminates unproductivity in my life and I really appreciate that. Also weekends are a blast because I GO HARD on no work days. (Which I'm going to make it its own point because it's that importante)
- Go hard on no work days. Whatever fun is to you, do it. And do it a lot. Keeping yourself sane is a real thing. 
- SCRIPTURES ARE THE KEY TO A HAPPY AND COLORFUL LIFE. Especially an actual study of them. None of this reading quickly while tucked away in bed already. (Premission guilty) 
- Exercise every single day. No matta wut. And eat well or else your body will hate you. I learned this from my mission because I gained a whopping 30 lbs and physically felt like crud on the daily. Now I've lost all of that and then some because of diet and exercise and I feel so great! 
- SERVE DAILY. True joy only comes from serving. Volunteering, helping family; friends, going to the temple you name it. This is what has helped me the most adjusting. I'm not very good at it but I try. 
- Understand people. I found that if I am annoyed or bothered by another's behavior and I try to understand them instead of judge or instantly react harshly, then it turns out way better 100% of the time and I end up loving them instead of feeling other awful things. Seek to understand. Always.
- IT WILL ALL BE OK. Have faith! Things will just work out as you keep the commandments and strive to be Christlike. 
- Anger is never ever a feeling or outcome of the spirit. If I ever start to feel those emotions, I reevaluate the situation and sometimes I even draw in my leg with my finger (similar to how Jesus drew in the sand - I know kinda weird but hey it works for me!) and I say a silent prayer and then I respond/react. WWJD people, WWJD. 
- Find joy in the journey. Sometimes this is really hard and sometimes this is really easy. Just remember that life is good, you have a knowledge of the gospel and the atonement, Jesus will help you, and love the simple things. Spending time outdoors brings a lot of healing to the soul as well. 
- Jesus, it is all about Jesus. Don't focus on the imperfections of people in the church or even prophets/apostles or church history. Guess what! People make mistakes, but the gospel is perfect. There is no chink in the armor there. That is why we can have complete faith in the Savior because he is perfect and unchanging. He will never ever fail you, even when we may fail Him. His grace is sufficient. 
- Share your testimony. I am not talking about confronting all your friends and family that are inactive or not members and giving a presentation of your testimony like a script. I'm talking about being REAL (which will be the next point). As the gospel becomes who you ARE, you can share your knowledge and experience of the gospel in casual conversation and by the way you act. People will ask questions! And it's super fun and happy to share the gospel. 
- BE REAL. If you don't have a personal testimony of something, you don't have to fake like you do. But if you do?? Let it be known. But be real about it. We are all in this together and sometimes life ain't all sugar. 
- The world is so worldly it hurts. I was blown away when I came home. I have to constantly remind myself of what's important and check myself to make sure my desires are pure. It's a crazy world out there! I now understand what it means to be "in" the world but not "of" the world. 
- Don't waste all your time on social media. That's lame. Use it to help others and document the joys of life! 

Oh there is SO much more I learned (and will learn). I could write a book, probably five. But ultimately I gained an ABIDING testimony of the savior, His atonement, the restoration of His gospel, the plan of salvation, the commandments and the scriptures. And that ain't going nowhere.

God is good, God is so good. 

I'll be sure to try to post about life's joys more! It helps me to document and my mom actually reads my blog so that's neat. Hi mom! I love you. 

Till next time! 


GTNP's biggest fan.

(We're going to pretend I'm a really good blogger and have been posting about all of the things I do all the time. But in reality, let's start back up with the best overnighter known to man. I'll try to post about my life more, but it's just kind of hard. I have some free time at work right now though so here I am! I had to share these pictures with the few that even read this. Hi mom.)

If I wasn't Grant Teton National Parks biggest fan, I sure am now. Backpacking Paintbrush-Cascade Canyon was a dream come true.

Holly Lake

Paintbrush Divide

Lake Solitude and Unknown Lake
It rained & hailed on us at night. Not ideal, but still way awesome. The Cathedral group below.

Lake Solitude

View from campsite

Best two days of my life right there, kids. These views were like I've never seen.


some pretty breathtaking pictures

The raddest views around here. I barely just got to really look at these during some downtime here at work and they are absolutely stunning.



This looks like a painting from some sort of really cool artist, but guess what? Yours truly took it with a dinky iPhone 4. This place is so freaking nuts. So beautiful it kills me and I never want to leave. Life is so happy!