GTNP's biggest fan.

(We're going to pretend I'm a really good blogger and have been posting about all of the things I do all the time. But in reality, let's start back up with the best overnighter known to man. I'll try to post about my life more, but it's just kind of hard. I have some free time at work right now though so here I am! I had to share these pictures with the few that even read this. Hi mom.)

If I wasn't Grant Teton National Parks biggest fan, I sure am now. Backpacking Paintbrush-Cascade Canyon was a dream come true.

Holly Lake

Paintbrush Divide

Lake Solitude and Unknown Lake
It rained & hailed on us at night. Not ideal, but still way awesome. The Cathedral group below.

Lake Solitude

View from campsite

Best two days of my life right there, kids. These views were like I've never seen.

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