my family

i thought today would be a good day to blog about the fam. the people i know and love. my family has helped me through EVERYTHING. they don't judge me, or really care what i look like at all! it's awesome. i love my family so much! so i thought i would share them with you:)

my dad is very.. intelligent! he's pretty much an inventor (cri-kits.com) it's pretty cool i guess;) he's also a local dentist and has a buncha hobbies that keep him busy! probably the best dad ever. we have fun together! we love our pops.

mama (right)..
my mom is super pretty & kind! she's the best mom out there and.. pretty much everyone loves peg:) she cooks, cleans, sews and is my good pal! we all love mom.

bri (left)..
brianne is very pretty & talented! she is married to this guy joe, whom i'll introduce later, and is very happily wedded. she sews, kinda cooks, works, plays the violin & piano, both of which she is very good at! brianne is the eldest and is very head strong! she's a very good sister & fun to hang out with; we have a good time together:)

joseph (right)..
so this is not your average joe. joe's married to bri so we are family by wed, but still family. so here's a little about joe. joe grew up in the nice city of Nephi but i think he lived in Oregon, yeah i don't really know. but he's a way fun bro-in-law! he is very outgoing, fun to talk to, crazy, funny and sometimes pretty ridiculous but he's pretty likable; fit's right right in too:)

(elder) brance..
(very right)
(elder) brance dane boren is on an LDS mission to quetzaltenango in guatemala! he's an awesome missionary. we get to write him every week and it's always so mcuh fun to hear from that boy! he also has his own blog we made him (elderbranceboren.blogspot.com) you should check it out! anyways, before he left he loved hanging out with his friends & also caden, and he loved playing soccor! he was quite good too. Brance is the best older brother i could ask for:)

nat bat..
natalie is a crazy one. oh the fun we have:) nat is an amazing sister! i've spent all of my life in the same home as her so we know eachother prettyy well. she's currently going to hair school and aspire's to become a nanny and live in cali while doing hair/nannying, she is a very skilled dancer:) and loves to hang out. me and nat have a lot in common so we get along pretty well. she's very outgoing, nice, funny, and adventurous. as well as a very fine sister:)

caden bo baden..
cade and i have funny times together! especially when i wake him up from sleep and he just goes off on me and talks, as well as when we play video games. like the other day we were playing COD (pretty fun by the way) and after i died the first time he was all 'kell, we're on the easiest level.' you shoulda been there. it was priceless. cade plays football and wrestles! he's a very good athlete and loves to play with his buds! especially at our house, don't ask me why. anyways, cade's a very wise one and has a good future ahead of him:)

..and that's the boren family:)

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