eventful describes thursday.

that day was INSANE, i went from the worst day ever to the (2nd) best day ever, pretty crazy. i know, but i'll just explain the goods.

 we all know i'm an amazing driver ;) so i pretty much passed with flying colors, but not really. it was still great though! i was smiling thee whole time because i knew that by the end of that day, i would have a license to call my own. it was a great feeling.

first of all, the dumb lady made us go all the way back home and grab my tax crud that verified my social security number. we didn't like her much. so we went all the way back, got them, and drove back out. then came the picture, the paperwork, and ttthheeee... LICENSE. i finally have it, the thing i've been waiting for my whole life. i was pretty happy if you can imagine.

 ^look what i found^

^those aren't too bad actually^

^my motorcycle buddies^

me and the megs thought it would be fun to make a cake, watch a movie with the stars above us, and just hang out. it was a great & adventurous idea, we had a nice summer day! it was real fun. 

 ^guess what? i'm 5'2'' AND 1/2. pretty cool.^

 ^i will forever love this picture^

i made that :)

 tiana gave ben a massage, cool.

the hideous cake.

all those things = the (2nd) best day ever, well, for the most part. 


  1. hideous?! the cake is super attractive. and I also, loved that day.

  2. i would say it was pretty repulsive, but hey, it was very good!

  3. you are a big deal with your license!