guess what i'm doing today?

when i say this, you think, oh that's not too bad. well, you haven't seen MY room then. my room is chuck full of clothing & some other unknown crud. i also have been working on the thing for about a year, it's a slow process. it's painted, yes, but it still needs much decor and umph to it. i will take before and after pictures so you know what i'm talking about... even though, the before ones will be SUPER embarrassing. 

task #1 = refurnishing the dresser.
so i have this dresser and it's pretty old fashion, kinda vintage-y so i really want to redo it black! and i am. it will be so much work, but worth it. i've already taken off some of the finish and it took FOREVER. so now i'm doing the rest, i'm so excited.

(the first time refinished)
yes, we wore gas masks.

 my lovely mother helped me.
we went a little crazy, the smell was insane.

task #2 = CLEAN.

i need to wash that room out! there are clothes every where, and when i say that... i mean it full heartedly. it needs help, so i am giving it that.

task #3 = decorating, not so simple.

i want this thing to be flat out awesome, so it will be. but with much dedication that i don't have time for, but i will make time.  if anyone knows of any cool vintage home stores in the 435 just tell me. i need help real bad.

let me give you a little idea on how this room looks. it has pale blue walls, and a black iron bed. that's it. no decor just yet and the other furniture is a work in progress so... when this bad boy is finished, i will blog. and you will witness it's amazement, hopefully.

till then... i will work.

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