Friday was earth day and it was the greatest thing. Me and these two chaps (Kennedy & Meg) went all over town in out bicycles!

This was my agenda.
- Ride my bike to Kennedy's. It wasn't this easy because my mother was very protective of her bike. She made me wear this silly helmet. I took it off once she was out of sight.
When I got there, I told Kade (her bro) it was earth day and he decided it would be appropriate to hug the earth. So we did so.

- Go play tennis with my pal Kennedy and enjoy the sun & my awesome music while biking. (Kennedy didn't have a bike so that was a little dilemma we will solve later, she had to use gas.)

- Go to Kennedy's and swim our little hearts out! 'twas fun. Meg came over too! She rode her bike also. We had loads of fun on our bicycles.

- We then decided to go to meg's so we could get Kennedy a bicycle so she wouldn't use up so much gas on earth day. We did so, but we ended up taking the long way cause I'm an idiot. Yep.
- After that, we said to ourselves, "Hey we are hungry! Let's go to Sweet Emma's!" or whatever it's called. So we did. It was mm mm good.

- We then went all the way back to Kennedy's! I was proud of ourselves. But then I was sad when I realized I left my packback and needed to go get it. So I was convinced into using OTHER people's gas and going to get it. Sadly, I agreed.
- Then we went and got US Snow cones and it was deelish. Kennedy got hit on and I lost my spoon so I had to get a tad creative..

- After that fun adventure we decided to invite buddies over for a little hot tubbin and mallows. Even though the mallow thing didn't really happen. Haha. We still had fun making up random lyrics and singing them, getting a rat out of kennedys pool filter, and eating peeps. I love peeps.

I love my life and the people in it.