meg & i are the proud makers of.. 17.

today was nice and adventurous.
just how i like it.

it went a little like this.

1- meg came over and we tried on prom dresses for senior ball.

2- I got asked to senior ball.. this isn't a good thing. i had already been asked. I felt really bad. He was okay with it though! (blame peg)

3- we started the very long process of making a fondant cake for kennedy's 17th birth.

4- we went to dinner at texas road house and acted like 5 year olds. we had fun with those peanuts. meg even blocked one of mine and hit the blinds! that trickster.

5- we went back to my house to finish the cake. it was a long process.

6- we got ready for "swimming" in a "hot tub." it was really cold. twas fun singing tunes and acting like complete fools though!
7- this night concluded with me dropping off megs and her leaving her phone. i sabotaged as much as i could. i'm a good friend i promise.

and now, here i am. at 2 in the morning. blogging my heart out.

i love hanging out with megan.
it's friday, it's friday. fun fun fun.

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  1. i cannot express my sincere love for this blog post and for yesterday's events. YEAH GIRL.