Senior Ball was as good as it gets.

I had a blast.

Day date? Bloomington park. Played all sorts of fun games. It was fantastic.
Dinner? Wendy's. You think I'm kidding but I'm dead serious. It was great. What a unique bunch.
Dance? The Ledges. It really was so cool. Went crazy as usual. It was such a great dance!

I got meg all ready! She looked like a babe.

Here's some pictchas:

I got buried! It was loads of fun.

We got PB & H stuff from Walmart!

We wasted time by watching the sunset. It was windy though, bummer.

After the dance! It was so fun. I was still wide awake when I got home!

Seniors, don't graduate.

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  1. danng gurrrl! You were lookin' good! Oh and p.s. you're one upping me on followers!