- I whine way too much for my own good.
- I like to eat b-fast burritos with my main man Caden in the wee hours of the night.
- I tend to hate work 70% of the time, even though the people are cool. 
- I keep wishing that I had a car, more money, and more time. (pathetic I know)
- I get bugged that I have to worry about getting time off for work to do fun things because I still feel like a kid erryday.
- I am terrified of growing up, even though I have 201223459877 different plans I've made up for my future. 
- I am what you would call indecisive. Only a tad.
- I like to make cakes. I hope to do that when I'm older, as well as being a chef and a graphic/web designer. It would be fun. 
- I like to rollerblade, and eat cafe rio. 
- Sushi is my go to food.
- Water is nice. To drink and to play in.
- I have a secret obsession with Dr. Pepper. Don't tell my mother. 
- I enjoy designing anything and everything. 
- I am currently making my own pair of shorts. They are 3/4ths the way done. (can I hear a woot! woot!)
- I LOVE MY FAMILY. & friends. They can cheer me up like none other. 
- I am way too much like my mother. It scares me. But she be cool so its aight. 
- Sometimes I feel like I'm black and talk like so. 
- I have weird nicknames. Deal wit it. 
- I love people. People are fun. People are cool. YEAH.

ANYWHO, that was fun.
MAN. I said "I" way too much in this post.
I feel so self absorbed.
Note to self: don't be self absorbed. 
Okay sorry, this is dragging on way too long. Now it's weird.
K bye, fo reals.  

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