Alas, the day has come.

Blind Pilot, 7 peaks, tennis, shopping, hanging out with pals up north and other fun adventures.
That is what this next week will consist of!
Kennedy & I are going to have a b-last. I am overjoyed!

In other news, if anyone has old picture frames that they would lovingly let me have, I would be so so happy. You see, I have no monies, but I'm in the midst of redoing my room. See the dilemma? In order to create this wall piece in my room I need about 20ish frames! So ANYTHING would help.

Also, I'm doing this "no treats till end of tennis season" deal with Abbey & Whitney. It's fetch-o-hard. ESPECIALLY when your fam rubs it in like none other. I dreamt that I ate a twix and had to confess and buy them both Brick Oven, and then the next day I had the same dream but with homemade peanut butter bars. I fantasize about candy, well, that's a little dramatic. It's actually not as hard as I thought. You feel good once you say "no thanks". It gets easier!

I may or may not post while I'm gone, but nonetheless, I'll catchyalata alligator.


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  1. I did a wall full of frames in my room last summer and I often found that the best place for cheap unique frames was the D.I. just a word to the wise :)