- I can only drink choco milk with a straw. mm, yes.
- I, without fail, go to bed around 12 every night.
- Senior year is harder than I thought it would be. 
- I haven't hung out with friends since the second week of school, or maybe the first. HA. All I know is that I am extremely anti-social. Mostly because of tennis tournaments. 
- I'll probably get fired soon because I take so many days off work. Too high maintenance for PF.
- Pinterest is the best thing that's happened to me since blogging.
- My phone is cracked. STILL.
- It's 12:06 AM and I am yet to read my scripts, study for the act, & shower. Procrastinator much?
- I did 2 problems of my AP stats homework and gave up. I never do this.. senioritis must be in full swing. 
- I started my application to USU. I'm applying to all sorts of colleges though and visiting them in the winter so I get a little taste of the cold. Should be quite fun. 
- I'm still sick. It's been almost two weeks. Go away already!
- I need to get skinny again.
- I can't wait to wear my santa jacket during winter. If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat.
- I want a puppy. Someone come over to my house and soften up my father to the idea!
- I miss hanging out with my pal Kennedy. We have too much fun.
- I think about state every day. Em & I are going to rock it. 
- I just need more time in the day. Don't we all?
- Bikes are the worlds greatest invention; They will be my main transportation in less than a year. 
- Scholarships.. whaaaaa?? I hate applying for stuff.
- Jeremy is back and tennis is dang hard again. Not gonna lie, I love it.
- I just really like music. Make me a CD, yes?
- If you've made it this far into the list, you're a true friend and I owe you a cookie. Just a few more, I promise.
- I laugh at myself when I watch tv cause I get way too into it. Smiling, laughing, crying.. I do it all. 
- I have blisters from my new shoes. BUT they are so so comf. 
- I keep picturing myself moving out and living on my own! It makes me so excited.
- JJ Abernathy loves me. And I love her.

So yeah. Super random. But that's how my life has been as of late. 


  1. mrkl
    1. i am a true friend
    2. you now owe me a cookie
    3. this list is like the story of my life minus jj.