As of late.

Yesterday we had a Christmas party/gift exchange. It was so great. We laughed, we talked, we made fools out of ourselves, and had a good time. So fun. I loved everyone that was there! We just get along and it's always a good time together.

It's funny because I realized, at the party, that all of us have been a bit antisocial senior year. It's getting to all of us. I'm surely ready to get out of here, but it will be oh so sad to leave everyone! I love all my pals, but it is time for a change. College may do the trick! I'm 90% sure I'm going to USU. I just feel like if I don't go there, I'm going to miss out on all the fun. It's just my kinda place. So much to do! I'm excited for the coming adventures there! I'm hoping to room with my pal McCall. She's great & we have fun. Also, we'll cook the best college meals ever seen. Just you wait! 

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  1. Utah State, hey! Aggies all the way! Go Aggies, go Aggies, hey! hey! hey!