Blogging binge.

So what I've blogged every day for the past 4 days? IM HAPPY. Whatever. Anyways, life's been real chipper lately & I keep being reminded of how good things are going.

1- My mom made breakfast on Sunday morning. She always does this but I haven't been home a lot lately. It was delicious.
2- Kennedy & I had a great chat about pretty much everything. Ranging from the Bachelorette (Jef & Arie are my top two fo sho; in case you were dying to know) to what college is going to be like.
3- My dad jokingly says/yells YOLO now. Especially when we're at a restaurant with big portions. He holds his gut, looks at the food & says "YOLO" like a real champ.
4- Have I mentioned I'm extremely excited to go to USU? Man, OH MAN am I ready for something new.
5- There is money in the bank. Sadly, it will be all swept away in August. A tear or two will be shed, no doubt.
6- I have a couple new "happy songs" (as I like to call them). Whenever I'm down in the dumps, I refer to these and without fail I am dancing around happily by the end of each. It's great! One being "eyeoneye" by Andrew Bird.

(Speaking of which, I have a problem. Ever since the beginning of time, I've wanted to go to an Andrew Bird concert. I think I facebooked it a few years ago. That has nothing to do with anything but point is, it's on my bucket list. Someone please come with me. It's August 14th. We'd just go up for the day but it would be so worth it, it's not even funny.)

I guess this is goodnight? Or good morning? I don't know. I'll probably blog tomorrow since I'm such a blog whore. (sorry for the language)



  1. MRKS. I Seriously love when you blog so just keep bloggin' your little heart out! love you!

  2. If you end up needing someone to go to the show with I'm planning on going and would love if you joined!