Three dollars.

Do you want to know what you can do with 3 dollars? Not much. Buy a few cheap pencils, or maybe some flour, or possibly an ice cream from Charlie's or Aggie Ice Cream if you want to spend all of it. Your choices are limited.

Well, that's how much I have in my bank account folks. As of today, all I am worth is three bones. Feel bad for me, it's sad. I am hereby forming a "McKelle is very very very poor" fund.

You may be thinking "why don't you just beg your parents for some money?" NO. I will never ever ever ever never ever do that. That is the last thing I would ever ever do. Literally I would have to be sinking in debt up to my ears before I did that. Why? Because I decided to move out, I decided to pay for college, I decided to spend my money the way I wanted to. I am not going to make them pay for something I decided on. Ever.

Anyways, you can probably guess I've had a pretty shizzy day. I never swear and today I did. When I saw that grotesque three point zero zero in my bank account. I was in the library, innocently studying, and then I just had to go and look at my bank account. It was awful. And to think I was going to be an accountant.

Some advice: Even when you know you have money coming in throughout the week, don't spend the money you have. I don't care if Al's Sporting Goods had a great sale (PS- I was actually really good and only spent like $12 there). Just don't do it.

If my name was in the Urban Dictionary it would most likely read: McKelle Boren - A pathetic poorer than poor college student living paycheck-to-paycheck and having fun simultaneously.

It's a rough life. If you made it through this rant-filled post, you're a true friend.

I wish you the wealthiest of days. Except not really because all of you reading this are probably college students. My friend Edson and I decided that, as college students, we should be entitled to 90% off everything in the world. Or just be payed $30/hour, every hour. Either one.

Good day.


  1. This makes me feel much better because guess how much I have in mine right now. FIVE DOLLARS!! hahaha living pay check to pay check is the worst BUT it is kind of fun to see how far I can make my money stretch :) It's obviously not that far ;)

  2. love this post. so much. definitely a self-esteem boost. HA. just kidding, it's good to know we are all poor. for real. I LOVE YOU.