Moving for college was really easy for me. I was ready, and I loved this place. Since then I haven't changed much in what I like to do for fun, or what music I listen to, or anything about everyday activities. But my logic on life has changed in so many ways. Mostly in the way I view my family.

Before, I took family for granted. They were always there, and I knew they were. I loved being with them, but I definitely didn't appreciate them on the scale I do now. They were literally steps away from me, instead of hours. And life was relatively simple. 

I have grown to appreciate and love them in a way I never knew before. I would literally do anything for them. They are the greatest people in my eyes and I look up to them always. I am so thankful that I was able to see them this weekend and watch my little brother wrestle in a tourney for his first time as a high school athlete. It was so fun but it's always a tear-fest when I have to say bye. 

A few words from experience - Don't drive when emotionally unstable. It's kind of like not driving when drunk. You literally cannot see and it causes massive headaches by the time you reach your destination. You think I'm kidding but I'm 100% serious. I almost crashed and that would've been awful.

Also, SLC is absolutely stunning.

When I go home for a week during Christmas time, I am going to be in pure heaven. Love these guys!

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  1. Oh Kel, look how cute you and your fam are! So glad you had fun!