I fixed it.

I realize my blog looked like blob of brown for a solid week or something like it. I'm not going to apologize about it but we can just agree that it looked pretty funky for a little there. I'm just having a hard time keeping up with all this crud. Also, maybe I got a little lazy and frustrated so I just made a header with my initials instead of something witty and creative. I usually get sick of the witty and creative things though, mostly because I realize I'm not witty at all. I mean, I can't get sick of my initials, right?

It is what it is.


Some stuff:

-If any of you have bright ideas for a Christmas gift for my sister Brianne, give me a holler. We're pretty much the same person so there's something you can go off of if you feel like it.

-Old Navy is the devil.

-I'm going to be alone in my apartment for almost a month and I've got to say, I'm pretty excited. I'm sure 2 weeks in I'm going to be bored of myself but whatever. I've got a book and other pretty things to keep me occupied.

-I've got to say, I'm pretty darn good at this college thing. I love it too, so that's a plus.

-Lots of funny things have happened this week. Ask me about them and I will tell you one of the many.

-My mom sent me the most hilarious video and I about died laughing. My family is one of a kind.

-I've been to Salt Lake twice in the past couple weeks and it's been just dandy. I love SLC, but not sure if I'll ever live there.

-This is funny. I love Aggie Radio.

-McKelle's birthday is this week and I've got to think up something really good.

-I tried driving Betty today in the snow and she performed very badly. No driving for her most of the winter.

-Sufjan Stevens can go straight to heaven for his new album he released about a month ago. Christmas cheer for all to hear.

-My roommates and I had a confession night about all of the things we have eaten/used of each others and it was probably my favorite conversation of the year.

-I've got a crush on the boy next door.

-CHOCOLATE MILK AND HOT COCOA AND MARSHMALLOWS. (Also, I just found out that marshmallows is spelt marshmAllows not marshmEllows. We've been saying it wrong.)

-My hair smells weird.

-My math final is scaring the wits out of me and I hate it.

Good day.

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