The best feeling.

No school, no work, and no other obligations keeping me from spending sunrise to sundown doing whatever I please.

I felt free from every care and I love that.

I spent my day doing all of my favorite things. It was fantastic to say the absolute least. I'm too lazy to jot down all the happenings as always so you can talk to me about this best day ever sometime if you'd like. Writing it down isn't the same as explaining it in person and you probably don't care either.

Anyhow, it was probably in my top 3 favorite days of my existence. And finding out I got a 4.0 this semester was probably part of it. All those hours in the library really paid off.

I do have 3 pictures from a section of the day that are fun. And an old song I stumbled upon & forgotten about while listening to some tunes today.

I had a good time and I genuinely wish everyone could experience a day of no work, no school and no obligations because it rocked my socks. Literally. I wore socks and they rocked. I realize that wasn't funny but whatever.

Also, I keep seeing this girl that works at the Rock Haus everywhere I go these days so I figured next time I see her I'm going to befriend her.

I am very tired, goodnight.

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