Ten things.

1. The past times I've been shopping I literally haven't found one thing.

Ever since I've worked in retail I see these people just blowing money on clothes and it sickens me. So every time I go shopping I think to myself, "Eh. I don't need that." Sure, I spend my money else where but it's a good feeling not finding anything. But also a cruddy feeling. The perfect example of a win/lose situation.

Yeah, I might repeat outfits one too many times but I don't care so it's working out pretty great.

The only problem is that sooner than later I'm going to need to find skirts and dresses for a mission. So if you have any suggestions on places to go, just give me a holler.

2. I've been a really bad student these past couple weeks. I haven't read much of anything, I procrastinate like you've never seen, and I don't enjoy the classes I'm taking as much as I did last semester. There's something about those social sciences that I like. And there's something about those physical sciences that makes me tired. So.. maybe this is a good thing because I'm figuring out my life. Nonetheless, still not as excited for school every morning as last semester.

3. This seasonal depression thing is comin' on strong. But I've been creative on finding fun these days so that's good.

4. Anna and I see these two little Chinese girls at the Rock Haus climbing like 5.13's and lead climbing like 5.11-'s all the time. It is WILD. They are probably nothing taller than 4'5" and like 10 and 7 years old or something. We just watch them in awe. The head guy that works there always talks to us and we all get so frustrated because they're climbing things that we can't and they're like yay big. One of the girls is going to worlds so that made us feel a little better about ourselves. Rad, both of them.

5. I think I'm getting some sort of cold.

6. I forgot how much more close-minded I was in high school than I am now. Now I literally am open-minded to pretty much anything except stuff that is against my standards. Which I like to think is a good thing.

7. Being content is just about the greatest thing on Earth.

8. I deleted my Twitter because I found myself judging other people and having preconceived thoughts about others when I hadn't even met them before. Which is awful. They could be really great people. And also it's not like I can have twitter on my mission.

9. I've got some exciting plans for summer and when it's official I'll make sure to tell you all about it.

10. The church is true. I went to Kennedy's ward today and one thing that this kid said was cool and made me think. He said that on his mission he would always get asked "why do bad things happen to good people?" and he was saying how when he prayed about it he was answered back with the question "who had the hardest life?" The most perfect example had the hardest life and literally suffered for everything. I had never thought about it in that context. Even thinking about Joseph Smith and all of his trials is mind blowing. Anyways, I liked that.

Have a fantastic day/week/life.

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  1. I love this McKelle. I deleted my Twitter pretty much for the same reason also! I think it's rad that you're going on a mission. Way to be girl, you're such a great person and going to be an amazing missionary! Miss and love you!