Introducing Caden Boren.

This kid is probably the worlds best child. He is so kind, loving and happy. When I got to Saint George I came in the house and said "Hello? I'm home!!" and he came jumping down the stairs to give me a hug. It was the cutest. We hung out the rest of the night: chatted about life, gave him some advice, went to Albertos, watched weird things on youtube, and enjoyed each others company. I'm his number one fan.

My mom told me a few weeks ago about how his seminary teacher emailed her and said that he asked all of his classes who is the most christ-like person they know and 4 out of 5 classes said Caden. How cool is that? He's a stellar kid.

(Also I swear that boy just doesn't stop growing. Every time I see him he's an inch taller and a pound musclier. I used to beat him in arm wrestles I swear!)
 Cade is the biggest stud I know. He's definitely going places. Till next time!


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