a whole lot.

A whole lot has happened since my last post.

1. I moved to Jackson, WY.
2. I work for Mad River Boat Trips and go rafting all the time.
3. I live out of my '03 Odyssey at Mad River. I really love it.
4. I shower in Mad Rivers outdoor shower and I think it is the worlds best thing. My future home will have at least one outdoor shower.
5. My living expenses are at an all time low in one of the most expensive places to live. Granted, I live out of my car.
6. I am not the only one living out of my car. I have plenty of neighbors.
7. I have recently found that I eat when I'm stressed and I don't eat when I'm not. Therefore, I've been eating like a bird here and it's becoming a problem.
8. I love living in a town where outdoor activities are had right outside your door.
9. I live extremely close to Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and that makes me giddy.
10. I go hiking alone a lot but bears are the real deal here. I've been told I should stop. So here's to finding hiking pals and bear spray! Good thing everyone here loves being outside.
11. Bear spray is expensive.
12. Jackson has my heart and it's only been a week and a half.
13. Found an indoor climbing gym and I couldn't be more stoked! Although I have everything to go outside, indoor is fun to train in! AND it's a very short walk from Mad River. Happy happy McKelle.
14. I'm blown away everyday by the stunning landscapes around these parts. Hiking couldn't be more enjoyable.
15. I love my job. So dang much.

Life is so good guys. I am happy all of the time!

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of hikes and stuff later! I don't have much time on my hands right at this moment.

Also, sorry for being the worlds worst blogger.

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