The Second.

I thought today would be a good day for..
i have some buds that have made them
and they sound pretty adventurous so..

here's mine!

1. go on a road trip to at least 20 temples
2. travel to europe; preferably paris!
3. go to greece!(megs actually gave me that idea)
4. live in boston for at least a few years
5. travel the world!
6. find a man to marry in the temple
7. eat every type of food possible
8. help some humanitarian aid in africa
9. go sky diving
10. strive for A's
11. drive in a lambo, or another expensive car
12. have kids
13. finish college (and high school of course)
14. skinny dip somewhere cool
15. save someones life
16. go parachuting
17. play tennis all my life
18. win a big tournament
19. take state
20. be ranked in a tourney
21. design clothing; for fun
22. make a blanket!
23. get a degree in math (i know i'm crazy!)
24. either cook or do hair
25. stay close to my family & friends!

.. and that's my bucket list:) (so far!)


  1. I need to edit and add to this bucket list you have going!