The Third.

today i decided i have some pretty
great best buds..

so in honor of them,
they get their own blog post:)
(they are in no particular order)

bud number 1- meg chalmers!

meg is my best friend.
she likes tennis and music.
and playing with me and onna.
she also likes brayden.
she is really nice and pretty.
and also one of the easiest people to talk to.
she makes me happy.
and that's meg chalmers.

bud number 2- anna benson (onna bianson)

onna is my best friend.
she likes cats and dogs.
she also likes tennis and food.
and music.
she always comes and finds me when i'm by myself.
she plays with me when no one else will.
she's really fun to talk to.
she likes to play with me and megs.
she's really pretty.
and very thoughtful.
and she makes me crazy. (in a good way)
and that's onna.

.. those are my two best pals!
they're pretty great.
and i love them so much!
they're always so nice and fun.
we make a pretty good set of three:)
i love you guys!


  1. hey, can I marry this blog post? I think I want to. I LOVE YOU! and now I am inspired to blog about you. It'll be coming soon.

  2. Your darn right it is in no particular order! Because who are you kidding? Everyone knows I would surely be #1:) This is my favorite blog post of all times! I love you my PEACH!

  3. i love you guys too:) and thanks megs i'm honored.