so today:
i asked my good bud dave for a
which was a bad idea because
they all just say..
'blog about me'
every. time.
unless they're hungry;
or have IBS.

so back to my day..

after dave said
explaining that i hate him;
but i don't..
i thought
you should blog about
all the things you dislike/hate
and all the things you like/love!
so here i go..

things i like/love -
  • sky blue
  • watermelon
  • friends
  • family
  • church/religion
  • people
  • thomas s monson
  • movies
  • kennedy's car
  • meg & anna's sense of humor
  • doing hair/make up
  • making other people look pretty
  • TENNIS or in other words; my life!
  • boys
  • summer
  • swimming
  • pools
  • warm beaches
  • sand
  • hawaii
  • cruises
  • the name mrk
  • birthdays
  • getting people ready
  • picking out outfits
  • glee
  • buying clothes
  • spending money
  • pasta
  • buca di beppo
  • artichokes
  • fruit
  • some veggies
  • blogging!
  • glee
  • american idol; kinda
  • hearing good people sing
  • the song 'come thou font'
  • cooking
  • getting excited
  • not having school
  • making todo lists; don't ask me why
  • scrapbooking
  • working on my room
  • testimony meeting
  • EFY
  • did i mention music or tennis?
  • living
  • people
  • the book of mormon
  • my brother on his mish
  • my moms blog for my brother
  • looking at blogs
  • laying on my lovesac
  • looking forward to fridays
  • hiking
  • any baked good really
  • leaving class
  • getting checked out right before a test
  • writing a good essay/story
  • talking to delsy
  • delsy's class
  • the quote: 'jokes on you mcjagger, i DID paint it black." - daniel schumaker/rod kimball
  • megan's red hair
  • anna's blonde hair
  • curled hair in general
  • playing with hair
  • when people play with mine
  • hugs
  • coloring
  • general conference
  • crepes
  • german pancakes
  • sunday breakfasts - my parents make a homemade breakfast every sunday, i know i'm lucky
  • when my mom says heathen
  • when my mom dances -- best thing you'll ever see
  • when my friends call my mom peg; she loves it too!
  • homemade meals
  • weekends; especially when schools in
  • watching anna or joey eat; they make out with their food
  • going to lunch with buds
  • driving
  • when people have drive/ambition
  • standards
  • brother richins
  • candy/snickers
  • parties
  • finding me and anna both in the food area at parties:)
  • helping girls out
  • service
  • girls camp
  • youth conference
  • food
  • loosing my voice
  • traveling for tourney's
  • my ward
  • bran muffins
the list could go on..
but as for my dislikes, it's pretty short!

what i dislike/hate-

  • david; sometimes
  • when boys are shy
  • when girls talk about people; even though everyone does
  • when a party is a dud
  • when people talk about how short i am; i mean it's obvious i'm short but we don't have to shout about it;)
  • when someone tall stands next to me
  • unibrows
  • annoying people
  • when people are sad about their rep when they bring it on themselves
  • when girls act like idiots
  • when people don't answer

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