The Fourth.

music. music. music.
where would i be without it?
i practically listen to it 24/7 so..
the logical thing to do would be to
so here i am; blogging about my obsession.

"you stole tapes and a flashlight
on a summer night from my car..
yea yeah, yea yeah, yea yeah."
- matt & kim
"have you seen me cry?
tears like diamonds!"
- passion pit
"like the speed of love!"
-passion pit
"and everything is goin to the beat."
-passion pit
"let your love grow tall."
-passion pit
"it's 20 seconds till the last call,
callin heyyy!!"
"hey julie,
look what you're doing to me?
trying to pick me up
trying to ware me down!"
-fountains of wayne
"sometimes i catch myself
lookin into space."
-fountains of wayne
"yeah i slip
i'm still an animal."
-miike snow
"all i need is a big
"you stand this close to me,
like the future was supposed to be,
like the eyes of a grocery,
in the blocks of town."
-vampire weekend
"i remember, i remember well.
but if i've forgotten,
could you tell?"
-vampire weekend
"i know you're never gonna understand.
i'll try my best to follow if i can."
-andrew belle
"let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters
and teach them how to dance;
let's get rich and build a house on a mountain
makin everybody look like aunts
from way up there you and i, you and i"
-ingrid michaelson
"stand where i stood."
-missy higgins
"oh things are gonna happen naturally."
-jason mraz
"pretty valentine
say i'm yours
and you will always be mine"
-cary judd
"our souls are made of gold."
-sister crayon
"she's got you high;
and you don't even know yet."
"come with me,
my love,
to the sea;
the sea of love!"
-cat power
"there is a place for us."
- the mummers
-eric hutchinson
"let the drummer kick."
-citizen cope
"if i had my way,
i'm never gonna leave lemon grove avenue"
-mason jennings
"here comes your man!"
-meaghan smith
"gold lions gonna tell you
where the light is!"
-yeah yeah yeahs
"where does the good go..
look me in the eye.
and tell me.
you don't find me attractive?"
-tegan & sara
"basic space;
open air!"
-the XX
"lying just next to me;
how happy we both be."
"everybody everybody wants to love;
wants to be loved."
-ingrid michaelson
"these girls fall like
-the big pink
"we could buy a dishwasher;
or a 3000 piece puzzle.
we could be.
just like carnivores.
just look inside your
-fujiya & miyagi
"i'm on a country bad high!"
-golden boots
"stepin out tonight,
flyin so high!
it's the good times.
keepin me alive!"
-young love
"we cut the legs off of our pants!
sit back and wait through the
-matt & kim
"boom boom goes the day."
-sean hayes
"born to fly.
born to gaze into nights sky."
-the shins
"show me the side streets in your life.
side walks or other zooming fields.
woahhh like a good ol' fashion nightmare."
-matt & kim
"i'm havin fun! don't put me down.
this time i'll be bulletproof."
-la roux
"everybody knows.
but nobody REALLY knows."
-john legend
"the only sound is my breathin.
as i lay awake, not knowing.
where it will be i'm going.
but i know.
time will slow, at 12:59.
i sing lullaby!"
-bedouin soundclash
"you are like summer rain.
soft, and warm, and delicate.
i am a foolish boy,
trying to catch every drop of you on my tongue.
i can't get enough.
you're inches from my finger tips!
i've come as close as i can get.
i'm reaching but the rest is up to you!"
-jason reeves
"you said it again,
my hearts emotion
every word feels like a shooting star.
i am terrified."
-katherine mcphee
"we're staring at the bridges,
every single night.
if it's time. oh.
shoot out the lights."
-ron pope
"you are
an easy girl to love
an easy girl to kiss
an easy girl to miss when you're gone!
i say girl
you say yeah."
-coconut records
"come in to my world
i've got to show, show, show you!"
-regina spektor
"if you know where my friends are hanging out.
if you know why they haven't been around.
if you see them,
please tell them to come talk to me."
-lightning love
"oh well in 5 years time
we could be walkin around a zoo
with the sun shining down on me and you!"
-noah and the whales
"so please, please, please.
let me in."
-the smiths/she & him
"cause i'll tell you everything
about livin free!"
"i'll be ready for a funeral!"
-band of horses
"i hear a call of a lifetime ring.
felt the need to get up for it.
only cut out the middle man!"
"i turn my camera on.
i cut my fingers on the way."
"sweet darlin;
come hold me!
just a little bit longer now."
-she & him
you were lookin at him.
a little too long, for me to be your friend.
and boy.
you were lookin at her a little too short.
for you to be hers."
-priscilla ahn
"astair, astair."
-matt costa
"watchin me behind the rocks."
-the microphones
"come on skinny love!"
-bon iver
you have tales to tell."
-bernard fanning
"i won't drown in the ocean
or starve in my place at the table."
-band of horses

so.. as you can see.


  1. thank you! ha it took me awhile to get all these lyrics:)

  2. haha thats what i was thinking the whole time i was reading it! but i loved it :)