it's official! 
there is(pretty much)
ONLY one more week
of school:)

i'm pretty dang happy about it;
i mean;

every time i step in a classroom
i just say to myself
i hate school, i hate school, i hate school
over and over;
and sometimes
fml, fml, fml
but that's usually rarely
because school doesn't ruin my life
it helps;
i still hate it. 
a lot.

so teachers.
let's get this next week over with fast

anyways.. the other day i had 
a REAL bad moment at school.
it went a little like this;

"mckelle you're a horrible poet."

"thanks dave; i really appreciate it."

"no problem, mck."

then they wrote poems about me
and i'm pretty sure they said..
 i look like a mule
i smell bad
i'm not datable
i'm pretty much the worst person ever
i suck at poetry
my life sucks
all my buds hate me. 

so thanks guys for all the kind words! 
they put a big padding to my day.

actually when i say all my buds;
i should really just say 4 of my foes.
dave, brayden, daniel and joe.

anyways, besides that stumble;
i had a GREAT DAY!

anna benson cheered me up;
and wrote me a poem about a guy i used to like
and how he should pretty much
go to heck. 
but not really.
it was funny:)


meg chalmers; 
the coolest girl in school
made my day by making me the cutest poem ever! 
i totally forgot about it but now that I remember;
THAT's why it was a good day:)
thanks megs:) i lovee you!! sorry for forgetting:(

before and after lunch;
life was good.

life IS good:)

                                  ^            ^
those are the best two girls you'll find!


  1. Oh Mrk! You are such a cutie bootie. I have a fun idea tomorrow lets plan to do everything possible to drive the silver fox insane that will make tomorrow fun. Okay love you bye forever

  2. oh on! you're the best:) i think math will have a whole new meaning now! instead of try to get an A for our objective; it's bug the silver fox! I like it! and i like you! haha bye temporarily:)

  3. woah woah woah, thanks buddy. I only made up a poem for you on the spot about how amazing you are right after they were all bums. I guess you forgot..
    "one happens to be megs bf
    so. i kinda have to deal"
    - this tidbit, also makes me sort of sad.
    but i love you. bye.

  4. Mrkl! You are the best poet ever! And you are totally datable, your a great person and you dont look like a mule you look like a butterfly!:) ha

  5. megggss! please forgive me! I totally forgot! but it was such a good poem i remember! and i deleted that part about bra; it was kinda uncalled for! i was just angry. but hey! let's play today! good idea!:)

    and bra! thanks! you're the best!:)

  6. hey girl. thanks for the fix (: i wasn't angry at you, i just like to be appreciated for my poetic work!