i love tennis.
if you aren't aware;
i play tennis!  
it's definitely my absolute favorite sport. 
i have been in numerous tourney's
and played more matches than i can count;
i love it!
i've only been ranked once in a tourney
 but if you play tennis;
you probably know how hard it is
to be ranked!
the farthest i've gotten
(i think)
is in a couple finals,
but yeah i can't remember
the rest of the numbers for the
semi's and such.
it's fun though.
anyways, i play everyday
(pretty much)
at bloomington country club!
my main coach is clark!
he's way good at teaching!
i love going to tennis
all week and know that
i'll probably be better
than i was the week before.
it's sweet!
i play with a bunch of people too!
matt, ken, lacey, cydnee,
cierra, christian, emma, madi e,
abbey h, afton, and some others.
they all go to my club! 
anyways, here's some pictures
of my so called
"tennis highlights"
 and just tennis in general!

duel in the desert! 
i think all of us won the first round!

i love 
the tennis team:)

beating cedar; as always;)

vic braden tennis tourney! 
this was the one i was ranked 1.


those are just some of the goodies
of playing tennis! 

now for some random poems
from people i don't even know..

Love is nothing in tennis, 
but in life it's everything.  ~Author Unknown

The serve was invented 
so that the net could play.  ~Bill Cosby

It's one-on-one out there, man. 
 There ain't no hiding.  
I can't pass the ball.  
~Pete Sampras

"That's what you do all the hard work for, 
to play in situations (tennis) 
that put your body through gruelling times. 
If you're not up to it;
 pull out."
~Lleyton Hewitt 

"Always give your opponent credit when you lose."

"I'd like to imagine
that in order to beat me,
a person would have to play
almost PERFECT tennis."
~Venus Williams

i love it;
and i think you should too:)


  1. All I have to say is you better watch out because I am about to beat your bottoms at tennis!

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