delsy nielson, the best teacher ever,
inspired me to write poetry! 
even though it was an assignment;
i really did have fun writing them! 
meg said she did too so pretty much 
dels is the best teacher ever;
she's an inspiration to all of us:)
i used to hate writing now i love it!
and so does everyone else in her wonderful
classes, so if you haven't had delsy...
you better jump on it.

i'm gonna share a few of my poems i wrote!
i like them; they're kinda weird
and don't make sense but..
that's what it's all about!

here i go..

- LOVE -
Love is like a rain storm;
you don’t know when it’s coming
and you never know if or when it will end.
It comes and it goes;
as time pleases.
It’s never convenient;
calling for many sacrifices.
It lies awake;
thinking about itself.
What is love?
Love is complicated
but always perfect.
True love is unchanging and constant
without flaw.
Even though there are ups and downs,
you’ll still be there for each other.
No excuses.
My first love was..
really easy.
Even though it was never successful;
it was always giddy, exciting.
When I was five love was
really quite happy and playful.
We danced and smiled;
we were wandering and witty.
and were a pity to all
that saw us together.
But love was always
fair and SIMPLE;
how love should be.
When we were young in love.

- Sounds -
Crackle, drip, drop, crunch, crack, swoosh.
No escape from countless soundings;
everyday of hearing them, doing them, creating them.
Forgetting the simple
chomp, click, ruff, sizzle, ping, or quack.
The consequence of sound.
Life and Earth in and of itself.
A sound of heartbeat, breathing, and walking.
A scream of war, guns, and fighting.
A chant of peace, honesty, and truth.
Listening to it everyday.
But only casually stepping in and out
of daily conversations.
Remembering every word. Why?
Hearing whispers and secrets;
but not the simple crackle of grass.
Too caught up on the world;
not the nature that you walk on,
but the drama in high school.
Finding insanity in the world; but peace in nature.
listen to the consequence of sound.

- A Secret Garden -
Beauty enveloped in a safe;
wonderful space.
Speaking nature, happiness, and bliss.
No one can touch it;
invisibility by perception.
Streams full of liquid;
clear straight through the end.
Laughs of love and comfort surround the scene
of unknown flowers and plants.
No one seeing it;
until an eye is caught.
Mindful of the memorization;
thoughts of peace flood the atmosphere.
Calming anger, strife and war.
Like your own personal, unworldly, hiding place.
An escape to and of mankind.
A garden; your garden.
Simple, honest, true.

and those are my poems!

'A poet is, 
before anything else, 
a person who is 
passionately in love 
with language.'
- W. H. Auden

i love poetry
and i think..
should write a
nice poem for them
to call

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  1. Oh Mrk, if anyone deserves their own blog post it's Delsy! I really do love Dels. I'm going to dearly miss her! p.s I like your Sounds poem.