it's good to admire
every once in awhile:

i want to share with you some
AMAZING people that i look up to a bunch.
they're pretty great; this will be a long one!
(not in any order)

first on the list;
abbey hafen!
abbey hafen is the best:)
she is so nice to EVERYONE
she's really caring, charitable,
and intelligent!
me and arbs have had some great
classes together these past few 
years and also tennis season together!
she's taught me a lot!
she's VERY well rounded and 
has SO many hobbies.
she plays tennis,
practices the violin like crazy,
she made madrigals,
she does very well in school,
and she's a GREAT friend.
i love abbey hafen:)

 meg chalmers!
meg is very unique!
in all that she does.
she is very cute; personality and looks!
she is currently sick and i wish
for her to get better so i can see that
fun one! she plays tennis and now that we're
GREAT buds; we will have a grand time
playin in the season:)
she is also very caring and happy;
when it comes to meg chalmers;
you KNOW she can be trusted, and
you'll have the time of your life just
hanging out with that girl.
we have fun:)
she's a pretty great best friend;
i love meg chalmers:)

anna benson!
anna is very cute and giddy!
she plays with me constantly; and 
she's probably sick of me
but i still love her lots:)
anna doesn't like human beings;
she likes to run!
and also explore nature.
she looks like a hottie doin it too!
anna is very exciting to hang around with;
and will ALWAYS give you a good hang out.
i've done somethings with this one;
that i've never done before.
and only she and megs 
will know what those are!
.. back to anna!
she's very thoughtful and beautiful!
she may not like me at the moment
because i'm human; what can i say 
'i'm still an animal'
BUT she's an amazing best pal 
i just can't loose
so whether she likes it or not;
i love anna benson:)

my mama!
my mom only thinks about others and
is an AMAZING cook!
all my friends can testify
how great peg is at mixing stuff.
my mom always knows what's best;
even when i don't want to believe it.
peg is very great friends with my friends!
i love it; she loves it!
she's REALLY easy to get along with and
probably one of my BEST pals:)
i love my mama:)

fifth and lastly;
kennedy neilson!
kennedy; i finally am blogging about you!
i dropped some cereal in her car so,
she said i had to blog about her to be forgiven:)
BUT besides that! 
i still admire this 
16 year old.
ken is very nice, playful, and crazy!
she is very thoughtful and
such an awesome friend!
she's very pretty and plays a
great game of tennis with me at
bloomington everyday!
we have some fun times at tennis; 
especially with little emma...
'.. then go pee on a fire hydrant!'
'i think i'm hitting puberty; some weird
things are happening to me lately'
'i'm just gonna go get some hot chocolate
now... NO!!!' 
'who is it!!??'
'they were checking out me'
'no they were checking out me'
'actually i think they were checking out
the car'
'exactly; me IN the car'
we have some fun laughs!
me and ken are buds.
i love kennedy neilson:)


as an admiree;
those five admirers are as good as they get!
these lovely ladies know who they are;
and are great in everything they do!
i really do admire them so much!
i love you guys!
you have been 
friends and family!


  1. Kell! I finally read your blog!! It's awesome and you are a great poet--as for your music? Hummmmm--kind of weird, haha. Thanks for your sweet post about me. I feel honored to be on your admire blog :). Love ya Kell!
    P.S. and YES I do LOVE your friends :)