my efy experience with megs

so this week i went to efy! it was pretty fun but by the end me and megs were beat. we had a pretty good group; i liked the girls a lot! most of them were all pretty cute and fun to talk to. so me and megs had a good time making new pals:) especially our suite mates sara and alisa! hahah. they were the best. and we also had a great counselor; lindsay. who pretty much let us do whatever but not really. she was way cool! OH, meg and i also met our future husband; bryson biceps. i know that sounds gay but we don't know his name; we just saw him around and he was pretty much the hottest human ever.

also during efy some weird coincidences happened. first of all; there's this girl that was in our company that we were talking to and the convo went a little like this...

"what school do you guys go to?"
"snow canyon."
"oh, i think i know some people from snow canyon!"
"i bet we know them! what are their names?"
"um.. brayden? i think?"
"yeah! and he went with ben smith?"
"WE KNOW THEM! that's meg's boyfriend!! we're all way good friends!"

yeah SUPER weird. like i can't even explain. AND THEN.. i saw kennedy's cousin whitney at EFY but i didn't know it was her! and she's moving to st. george! but i also had this girl in my company who looked exactly like her so i was way confused who was who. so i ended up texting ken and told her there's this girl that looks like whitney but i guess i really did see her. which is confusing but such a coincidence. AND THEN.. there was this cute kid i danced with and he ended up being in whitney's group and then ken said she went to efy last year and he was in her company! ah soo weird. AND THEN.. this girl alisa livingston is connor livingston's 2nd cousin! and we were good friends with her at efy! what a small world.

so now that i've rambled about efy stuff that doesn't even apply to any of you.. here's some nice pictures!
lindsay gave us some nice bling.
we love happy!
we had a good time together:)
our flag was sweet!
so cool.
some of the girls and lindsay of course!
"meg be cool."
 suite mates!
sometimes we dress up.
we watched hot rod during free time:)
i like to call this girl.. sara
meg's g-ma is very patriotic; you should've seen the rest of the room
best shaved ice EVER

with megs!


  1. Hey i was blog stalking and came across your blog :) well i am thinkin about doin tennis this year...i havent played much though... so hopefully i can meet you. and hopefully you dont mind me stalking your blog...haha

  2. i don't mind at all :) haha you really should do tennis though! it's so much fun! we have a good time and everyone's friends so you really should! plus we have a new coach so it should be lots better this year too haha.