it's official. i have the best ward ever.

so this week i went to youth conference; probably the best decision of my life. even though at the end i got a little worn, hated the food, was a little lifeless, and wanted to get home; i loved it. i had to go later cause i had a tennis tourney so i went at night the first day instead of in the morning with my ward/stake. i came just in time to see some people dance ridiculously outside the church for a party/dance they put together! everyone was pumped. but i guess i missed all the best parts on the first day; oh well. the second day i experienced a little malnutrition as a sat in the SUU cafeteria eating this food that was microwaved and very plastic looking. everyone was complaining about it the day before but i hadn't eaten it. so, yeah. disgusting. then we played minute to win it in the institute gym! it was way fun. they just had a bunch of random things you had to do! i liked it. then we had ward time and went to the discovery park and played a bunch of games; my ward was way fun! then after pres. magelby's devotional we had testimony meeting! so good; really. everyone bore there's in my ward so it was way cool to see! they're the best. then we had ice cream but i wasn't feelin so hot from the crappy plastic pizza; yum i know. then that night we played a ton of games till like 2! it was pretty fun:) oh how my ward argue's in mafia. pretty great. but now that YC is over.. then comes EFY with my great best bud megs:)

now for the pictures:
to be perfectly honest.. i didn't take that many pictures! which is very unlikely of me but i've been getting pretty lazy lately so. i'll just show some that i did take! even though there just snapshots and nothing real great.. here they are anyways.

off to the discovery park!

getting ready for testimony meeting!

so i don't remembered what happened here..
but madi's face is funny.

bay took us a nice shot.

even though YC was a blast.. 
i still LOVED getting back.

and now i'm off to EFY..

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