i have the greatest (girl) friends ever.

-this girl meg chalmers gave me a crud load of music & it's all so good. best playlist i have on my pod right now. we had the best day ever yesterday; good summer day. i couldn't say enough about that pretty girl.

 -abbey hafen, the best person ever, just makes me happy. what a funny & exciting gal! we both play tennis, and i'm pretty sure this season will be the greatest.

-natalie, my sister & also my pal, did SO much for my b-day. i'm talkin like.. everything. she made me feel very special that day. i think she's pretty great.

-kennedy neilson is in brazil right now, serving the lord & also the people there. how cool.

-whuitney kint has a cool factor about her. you can't help but talk to that girl, she's amazing.

-whitney wittwer is so kind. she always is a smilin. i love her!

-anna benson is a very unique buddy but is also very very sweet and nice. she does a lot for me.

-kira bott, i don't know what it is about that girl.. but she is just a cool one. very fun to be around.

-madi harrison is a very happy and also very straight up. she'll tell you how it is, well, sometimes ;) she's a good girl & very very nice. 

don't you see?


  1. awh kelle. i love you :) and i love your bloggy blog! you're a great friend. love you!