so guess what yesterday was?
oh, just my sixteenth birthday. no big.

so if i could scream through writing, i would. it was probably the best feeling in the world to finally be 16. i just feel like i can do whatever the heck i want and no one cares. even though i don't have my license just yet. it's awesome. i also have the most amazing family and some superb friends that made it what it was: the best birthday ever in all of my sixteen years of living. really, i'm not exaggerating at all. i'm probably underestimating the happiness and excitement of that day :) such a craze.

- so it started with tennis, then a tennis meeting. boring, i know. but i had a good time anyways. 

- then it went on to a SPA DAY. yes. a freakin spa day. facial, mani, pedi, then the styling of the hair. pretty awesome, but also super tiring & i got pretty hungry.

- we then drove to the home and got cade and went to OSAKA. the best japanese restaurant ever. so good.


- once that deliciousness was done, we went and got fat.. at nielson's frozen custard. seriously though, raspberry cashew concrete is made in heaven, i swear. so freakin good. go try it, right now. OH! i also went with some buddy's :) they're the greatest, if you ever meet them, tell them so.


 - after gaining 5 pounds, we went to my house to watch when in rome! we also opened a few presents from my parents, anna, and nat! my 'big surprise' is after the ma & pa come home. and NO. it's not a car. i wish.

 like i said.. best birthday ever.


 so fun :)
people are amazing.

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