just some lovable things

subway: you can always count on a good sammie:)

ranch: what is it NOT good on?
^ who woulda thought you could have a fountain of it.

SUMMER: summer & lovin' just go hand-in-hand, don't they?

you tube video's: this one is the BEST. some of it is super dumb but for the most part.. it's awesome.

peach tree's: yes, i have 2 in my backyard. mmhmm:)

random people that talk to you in grocery store lines: they always have good stories:)

the hunger games series: pretty good, i must say!

blog stalking: it's what i do in my spare time.

tennis: it's the best sport out there, no offense.

IPOD: best thing invented since electricity.

clothing: pretty materialistic, but who doesn't like a nice wardrobe?

MUSIC: you gotta love it.


good attitudes: they lift you up, even if you don't want to be.

"i opened my eyes, looked to the sky. oh it's a sunny day! the world is lookin so bright."
-sunny day by joy williams

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