my long-lasting fettish

sometimes, i think it's a bad thing but then again.. i am a girl so maybe it's good? ever since i was a small child i have l-o-v-e-d clothing. it's been pretty bad. i spend way too much money on it; my friends can testify. but i really do get very sick of my wardrobe VERY fast; which is kinda a bummer because when that happens, i never feel like getting ready.. until i get new clothes:) it's so ridiculous that i currently have 21 cardigans. TWENTY ONE. how the heck did that happen? 

whenever i try and fix this obsession it just comes back to haunt me; literally. i get online and just shop, non-stop. and when i find something i absolutely LOVE; i buy it. no doubts or questions asked.

so pretty much, i'm an addict.

so to share my addiction; i will now present you with my top eight buying spots-

#1 anthropologie

#2 urban outfitters

#3 forever 21

#4 nordstrom

#5 banana republic

#6 j-crew

#7 target

#8 dillards

i have to admit; those are not all of them because some i like to keep consisting just of my knowledge but those eight are such goodies to shop at:)

-good song-
"you like to think that you're immune to this stuff. it's closer to the truth to say that you can't get enough. you're gonna have to face it you're addicted to love."
-addicted to love by florence + the machine

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