you may not believe this..
but i'm only 15 years of age. 

yep. only FIFTEEN. so that means i have a super late birthay that i probably should be used to by now but, i'm not. every year, it still sucks. so for my 16th i want to be busy the whole day doing stuff so i'm not bored. but i've got no ideas and i have 14 days to decide. but i did have the thought to have a nice LONG spa day at nat's cosmotology school! and i'm going to do it too. wanna know why i'm treating myself to these pleasures? cause. my very own parentals will be GONE. on my birthday, no not just that, on my SIXTEENTH birthday, greatt. i'm so happy. anyways, this is how they're making up for it;) pretty good idea, eh? i thought so.

and guess what.
look what i'm probably driving.. my dad's old truck. me in a little red toyota.. awesome? yes
 and yes, the license plate DOES say implant BECAUSE my dad's business is called implant & family dentistry. you know like, implant's for teeth? yeah. that's what it is, promise. anyways..

i'm so excited.


  1. i am not going to lie i will be super jealous of that little trucky when you get to drive it! it has so much character i can't take it.

  2. thank you, i like it:) i will be jealous of your lovely honda civic also!!

  3. what day do you actually get your license!? at least your done with drivers ED!!;)