what do you like about summer?

tennis & swimming:)
those are my absolute favorite things about this summer season. as you know, tennis is my obsession, i pretty much play it everyday for around two hours, it's awesome. i love it. and well, what is summer without the occasional swim? 

yesterday: i went swimming, ate a snow cone, watched sytycd hung out with buds & played tennis making it the best day ever. kennedy, whit, and i had a wonderful time watching psych, swimming, watching so you think you can dance, and then swimming again. it was quite fun. i found a new toy for the swim pool. it's a water gun, kind of, but doesn't really look like one. anyways, it's ridiculously cool and i could play with that thing for hours.

OH! i almost forgot!
i learned how to dive, like good or better than i was. whit and ken helped me and i've almost perfected it. not really though. i just like doing it. it's great fun, you should probably try it some time.

*note to self: take more pictures because there are none for your blog. thanks.

wanna see something funny?

this here is kade neilson.
he accidentally plucked his first whisker, and now he is only but peach fuzz and also very discouraged. i had a good laugh at this one. 
(picture is complements of kennedy ashton neilson)


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  2. GAY! i am not part of your summer. peach fuzz that is funny

  3. whoa, whoa, whoa! you are hugely a part of my summer! this was just one adventure of my summer:) i will blog about us hanging out tomorrow! and you will be all over that blog post girl:)