-it's been way too long-

i have been super busy ever since the dreadful but yet so wonderful junior year has begun, so let me lay it out for you:

my team (SC) & i won region :) we're still barely 1/2 way through the season but we dominated so greatly that we're already champs, who woulda thought!

sometimes i hate football games cause i end up not even watching the game and that's what i like to do, watch. anyways, i love by buddies. we have a great time.

school, school, school. some of my classes are just a waste of my time. like ^those^ ones. (p.s. that picture was made by 4 people all adding separate features)

HOMEWORK. you give me headaches & keep me up till the 2 am. ap us history isn't so shabby now, but it'll be killer soon, i just know it.

i love mcky d's on a late friday night with my buddies :)

wait for it...

my iphone 4 is the best thing ever. check those out. genius? i think yes.

there's also this girl abbey hafen. i consider her to be golden. she is the most giving and gorgeous girl i have ever laid eyes on, check her out, doesn't she look awesome?

MUSIC. i always have and will be a great music lover. and lately it has gotten me through those crazy late homework nights: thanks music, you're a big help.

the us open is the best thing that's ever happened to me. it's over, but you should watch it next year.

oh, i also hate getting ready. so i don't. my hair is permanently never straightened, i think it's workin out swell even though others may think otherwise.

i found my love for baking again, just so you know, it was a little faded but now it is well established.

i also have been busy thinking up my whole life plan, just so you know, it's awesome. even though this picture is purely for your enjoyment & has nothing to do with my life plan, i think it's funny.

just walmart, finding something to answer joey for amber. here's a few: "elephant-asitic time at homecoming with you!" "we'll have an eggcellent time at homecoming!" "you're of 'great value' I SAY YES." and then we settled with "homecoming will SURELY be a success, because i say YES! ps: show up in this and you'll get a.. HIGH 5!" we got a baby shirt and threw it on his door step with that nice note. we're really cool.

does anyone know why these m&m's aren't traditionally colored?  

anna in her working habitat.

something funny: "this is sister peggy" "tehe... piggy." - from a 5 year old.

now you're all caught up :)

and this is officially the longest post ever. (sorry!)


  1. because i am your friend i will let you in on a secret your pictures are not showing up! fix doodle head!

  2. okay unfix i will kill you guys for taking the picture of me in my "habitat"! other than that you have a awesome life!