junior prom.. as a junior.

my mother made a good/funny point today saying, 

"mckelle... this is your last junior prom. as a junior."

she kinda got choked up about it, but i assured her. it will be okay, and i have a whole other year waiting for me in high school. 

anyways, JP 2011 was excellent...

location? villa gardens, best place ever.
date? brayden linde, very fun.
group? full of fun & exciting people, we partied hard.
day date? rec center, way fun, super competitive, and if you're wondering.. brayden & i beat everyone at everything.
dance? went crazy!, so much fun.
getting ready? oh so stressful, but all is over :)

my sister so kindly did my hair, because there was no way i could've done megs hair & makeup AND mine AND be on time. she was nice to have around :) 

all the girls looked amazing along with there dates! we had a blazing time!

then comes the pictures...


we had loads of fun :) 

no, i did NOT go to the tanning beds, i went on a cruise over the christmas break. therefore, getting tan.

i was pretty proud of my hair & makeup creation :) she looked so pretty!

joe, meg, me, bra.

...and that was JP in the eyes of mckelle boren.

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