i am oh so busy..

I think back to the days were playing with friends was number one on my daily schedge. now i have to worry about way too much! It's crazy. 

 Just some fun things that have happened:
1. I was given my own personal camera. i heart it. It is not a dinky cam, as my others, it's very nice! Thank you, Brance, for serving a mission so i can have your cam.
2. I have the most amazing friends! they're awesome. I love them all. Just look at them..

3. I have decided that seafood is my absolute fave. Just in case you were wondering, sushi is delicious.

4. Music is amazing. I've discovered many talented artists and they are awesome. Here are two I highly recommend..

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  1. i LOVE this. we need to hit up YAMA Sushi asap!