musings and upcoming adventures

- I love discovering new & talented artists! If only I had a musical gift. One in particular that I stumbled upon is Josh Schroeder and Meredith Adelaide (josh & mer). They don't have an official full album out yet but they should by the end of the summer! You can check out their music here. I appreciate them and hope you do too.

- Only about 3 weeks until me & this girl (and maybe some others) go to the Josh Ritter & Blind Pilot concert. I bought my ticket and I am ready for this exciting road trip!

- I was asked to make a cake for this lady's 40th birthday. I'm nervous as heck, but I think it will run smooth. (positive thinking)

- I have a new found love for sewing. It's just so fun. I have looked at some blogs that fix old or thrifted clothing and make them gorge and I am inspired by the idea! I WILL be going to some local stores this week to spark my interest in this hobby further.

- I may or may not want to go into graphic design at USU. Who knows. Feel free to give your shpeal on the college you're attending. I need some influence!

- My senior year is going to be an easy breeze. HA. I'm excited.

- I really need to start keeping up on my journal. I'm one of those people that forget everything so if I don't start writing, I'll more than likely forget every ounce of my early years before I'm 30. Need to get on that.

- I don't even know when I'm supposed to be applying for colleges and scholarships. Shoot. If any of you know, please, tell me.

- My knee is bothering me. My left one to be exact. Perfect, just in time for the tennis season. I swear I have some sort of injury every year. But I'm sure it will go away. (again, positive thinking)

-I LOVE BIKE RIDING. I will probably ask for a bike for my b-day. I use my mothers and she is getting aggravated.

That's all for now.
Love, mrk.

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