Just mopin along in a consignment store.

A couple weeks ago (I think it was) I was looking at all these blogs that thrift shop clothes. They take them, and make them as cute as can be! So I thought "HEY. I can do that too." So I skipped on over to Urban Renewel and discovered some fabulous finds. My favorite of which is a blue dress that, at first glance, looks granny. But, I tried it on and MAN. That thing fits perf. All I need to do is take off the animal buttons! Yes, animal buttons, they're real cuties but they must go!

I'll let you know how this whole things plays out. It will be an adventure!
Adios my friends. A post about the wondrous exec camp is coming soon!

With love, Mrk -- the soon-to-be seamstress.

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