birthday fun.

17th is not a crazy celebration but, nonetheless, it was loads of fun! I put on my happy bracelets and I was set! The day started with some tennis, then my mom & seester wanted to go to "Kneaders" for "lunch" but really they just wanted to take me to Vegas to go shopping! I believe their words were "Kneaders.. What? No. LET'S GO TO VEGAS!!" Those tricksters. I didn't even realize we were going the total opposite direction of Kneaders. Haha. It was so so fun though! We shopped, went to cheesecake factory, shopped more and went home! Also, I had a leetle partay. Needless to say, I was an hour late to the whole thing. All in all, a grand birthday.

More pics to come! Please excuse the horrible quality.

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