tennis tryouts & other junk.

SERIOUSLY. They will be the death of me.
When I say they're extremely physically challenging, I mean it.
My body hurts all over. BUT.
I can do this.
I want a singles position more than I've ever wanted anything in the world.
I know that sounds cheesy but I'm working my tush off and I want it so bad.
Hopefully all pays off.
Of course, if I were to be doubs I wouldn't pout but I truly am not a doubsies player.
Even if, I would try my best.
Singles is the goal.
                                                           (after tryouts. dead beat.)


-Senior year is coming up and I'm more than crazed about it. It will be my best year by far, I can feel it in my bones. Senior Class Counce is antsy with excitement also! We will do great things.

-I bought some clothing and I'm suppa happy with my purchases. I didn't spend over 20 on a shirt! It was a great accomplishment. Urban Outfitters received way too much business from me.

-My friends rock my world. They are the funnest fun. I love them. Also, my team is great. I love all the girls.

-I have fallen in love with Ray Lamontagne once again. He is great. And helps me through my ice baths.

-My feet hurt.

-And lastly, chocolate milk rocks.

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