I like cheese.

First thought that came into my head when asking myself what to title this was the above.
I'm a loser. I mean, cheese is alright. Not the greatest. But good & essential to a sammie.
Okay, I'm done. HA.

This past summer has been filled with greatness. I did so much, but yet little enough that I wasn't extremely busy & relaxing could surely be in the daily agenda. As I've said in previous posts, I'm a fetching senior!! I get giddy even thinking about the fun things ahead! But let's get down to business....

1- My friends rock my world.

2- Chocolate milk and music gets be through the day!

3- Mac & Cheese every once in awhile can never hurt & also brings back glorious childhood memories. BUT. The shape kind is the best and tastiest kind.

4- I tore my right hammy at practice a couple weeks ago. It was really bad timing. But, it IS better. HALLELUJAH.

5- Clothes are cutie. But I bought way too many of them this summa. 

6- Food can make even the most bitter day turn into a chipper one. 

7- My mom is the cutest. She is way too nice.

8- I love late night chats full of venting and laughter. Abbey loves them also.

9- If you were to make me a good mix cd, I would love you forever.

10- And lastly, I pretty much only work a day a week. Tennis is at the worst possible time for shifts.

But, as my pal Bob always said, "Don't worry about a thing. Because every little thing, is gonna be alright!"

I'm busy as heck but hey! That's what first quarter does to you.
And let me tell ya, it is beginning with a bang!

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