last day of summer fun!

Yesterday, after playing some tennis and cleaning my fathers office, I was just moping around my house when I got invited to hang some posters at the school! There were many laughs and giggles. Then abbey & I went to go get some ribbons for the tennis girls herrr. I love her, she is way too cool. Anyways, we had a great time! We went to menchies and then her house to listen to inspirational music and eat tomato & cheese sammies. It was a b-last.

After this, my brother decided to irritate me by asking me to pick him up at the skate park. BY FIESTA FUN. So fetch-o-far away. As you can probably guess, I gave him an ear full.

After that sweet happening, I texted ma friends to go to Kennedy's for a fun time! I went to her house and made a last day of summer bucket list while listening to the office. It was a hoot! We did all sorts of fun things.

(Star gazing & venturing out at snow canyon park. The moon was a beaut.)

(Bunny catching at Lava Ridge.)

(Coloring a picture and giving it to the person of your choice.)

(We inspired others to make a list.)

(Drank fluffy drinks!)

(Took a walk down memory lane with some old tunes.)

It started out with just the pink things, and ended up with a bunch of other black things! 
Funnest day of summer by far.

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