Dear college kids,

Where on earth am I going to college?

This is too stressful for my small senior brain. I still feel like a sophomore! Today we had all sorts of presenters come to our school. We picked 3 to go to, and listened to the admissions people.

First off: BYU. Not gonna lie, I wasn't that impressed. The only reason I would go there is because it's a great atmosphere; being a church school and all! I'm not a huge fan of the campus either. But feel free to give me some insight :)

Second: U of U. They were super impressive. Top notch education, cool experiences and a beautiful campus. The only thing was the student life seemed like a dud. All they talked about was how prestigious their college was and the value of education. I want to have fun too! Haha.

And last, but not least, UTAH STATE: Do I want to go there? Yes I do. Did I want to go there before the presentation? Yes I did! Did the presentation effect my semi-final decision? YEP. I'm proud of the presenter. Great education, great atmosphere, beautiful campus, and it's cold :) I'm in love.

But I haven't made my final decision (obviously). I may sound like this annoying senior that is struggling with college-picking but I would LOVE for any of you cool kid college students to tell me how you like your school! Please oh please help. You must remember how stressful this is!

Love, the ever-so-weary senior.

We beat hurricane today in tennis. Wahoot! I didn't play cause varsity has to sit out 2 matches during the seas! They rocked it without me though :)


  1. Okay, I couldn't resist.
    I'm pretty sure you know where I think you should go. Because I think it is where everyone should go. ha ha

    So I'm going to give you the reasons why I love BYU.

    1. It is the best education you'll get inside the state of Utah. Not only is it the most prestigious, but it is also the cheapest (not many people know this). The professors here are amazing and renowned. It was just ranked #11 in the nation for top universities that provide the best all around education.

    2. It's in Provo. Provo is only 3 hours from St. George thus making it the perfect distance away from home, yet not too close at the same time. In contrast, Utah State is 7 hours away and FREEZING starting in October. Provo has the cold--but not too much.

    3. There is always something to do in Provo. Always. 70,000 college students=good times. Lots and lots of cute boys.

    4. More job opportunities(it is really hard to find a job in Logan).

    5. The church. I get to listen to an apostle speak basically every week. Last week I listened to two apostles and Julie Beck. It rocks.

    6. The people. You'll never meet so many cute, fun, and happy people that you can be friends with. Everyone is so nice, and everyone just wants to have fun and be happy. Seriously though. It is insane.

    Sorry this is an overload of an opinion. But I remember being so stressed out about college applications too! Apply to all three schools--then pray about it. That's the only way you'll truly get the right answer. Good luck!!!!

  2. Mckelle! I would have to say don't stress about it. I know thats easier said then done. I was such a stress ball when it came to picking a school. Just enjoy your senior year, apply to all of the schools you want to go to and in the spring you'll have a better idea of where you should go. Don't worry about picking the right school just yet because trust me you'll change your mind like a billion times! At least i did. I think that every school has its ups and downs and a lot of the experience is what you make it. My advice for you is when it gets closer pick a school, and if you feel good about it then its probably right! and the worst thing that can happen is you don't like it and you switch schools. Good luck!!! Miss you!

  3. I agree with Mads! You're probably going to change your mind a million times before you have to commit like everyone else does! Just pray about it and you'll feel good about your decision. Good luck!!

  4. oh my goodness, i remember being so stressed! :) just remember to pray, pray, pray, your answer will come :)

    but just in case, can i just tell you why i love uvu? i wasn't planning on going there, in fact, i had never even heard of it! the fact that it's open enrollment had me worried, that it would just be an extension of highschool, and highscool was what i wanted to get away from. but alas, i had the impression that this was the school for me. why do i love it??

    1: they have free food all. the. time. no seriously, i could eat 2 or 3 meals on campus a day, for nothing!

    2: it's cold here. but on those days when it's too cold (seriously, blizzard like), you don't have to walk outside! oh yes, there is a hallway that runs through EVERY SINGLE BUILDING on campus. So when it's pouring rain or so windy all your papers are about to blow away, all your problems (and bad hair days) are solved.

    3: the honors program. nerdy sounding? maybe. but, it got me a housing scholarship my first year. (think $400/month apartments for only $100/month! own room? yes. share bathroom with only 1 other girl? yes. own sink? yes. pool? yes. boys? oooh yes.) not to mention, we do cool things. like go to jazz games, rascal flatts and blink 182 concerts, etc. for FREE. yup, you got it. dead serious. Also, you have 3 advisers/friends at your call anytime you need. They'll tell you exactly what classes to take, help you with hard essays, and do anything, anything, to help you out. This was a huge blessing for me my first year, not knowing anything!

    4: Institute: I know the byu religion classes are awesome, but in institute you're not studying for tests and cramming in your scripture reading. learning about the gospel is your choice, not because you have to take the class. and all the people in institute want to learn as well. it's an incredibly spiritual and fun environment. plus there's friday devotionals with general authorities, etc.

    5: the boys. pretty sure you'll find them at whatever college you go to. be real friendly and you'll be yelling FREE MEAL (and no, you won't be at cafe rio :)

    6: i promise you i love byu, but most of the programs at uvu are just as good. plus, it's easier to get scholarships. and let me tell you, scholarships saved my life! :)

    7: whatever school you decide to go to, make sure you visit the campus, talk to other students and advisers first. that way you have a feel for what it's like :)

    whew. so sorry to give you a comment filled with all things uvu. (you like i am advertising for them or something! ha!) you still have plenty of time to decide where you're going. :) pray, you'll get your answer :)