Hello meester.

[I've been in a weird mood lately, so bear with me on this one.]

I'm sick. "And it sucks way bad." -Abbey Hafen
I've been sittin at home eating my fruit snacks and drinking my water.
And my voice sounds like I'm a 12 year old boy going through some major puberty.
Oh the joy! I've been made fun of 2934789 times. 

Anywho, us tennis gals had a tourney this weekend! 
It went super well. I played with my pal chummy (Amanda Lindsey) on Friday and Em (Emily Till) on Saturday! Twas great. There WAS one team we should've beat though. 
Judge Memorial, you're goin down at state. Ya dig?

After the tourney on Saturday we went to Dixie's homecoming because state tennis is during homecoming at SC so us tennis g's decided to ask some guys and go to theirs! To be honest, our dances are a trillion times better than theirs. I felt like I was at a middle school dance, no, a STAKE dance. Yes, the people were that lame. But hey! Us SCers livened up that partay and had a great time ourselves! Wahoot! It was fun. I also drove and even though I had about 9 backseat drivers criticizing my skills, it was a b-last! I love cool people. 

Here are some pictchas from the week! (I only took one at the dance; too busy partying)

(on da bus)
(horrible tan line, it IS getting better though!)

(my fave snack)

(me and carls; we're bffs)

(getting answered)

(why did this have to be a problem?)

(getting all pretty)

(SICK; at least I have my snuggle blanky)

Also, Chum follows my blog now and I am ecstatic about it! 
AND thanks to all those that commented on my college post! It helped a heap load.
Bye for now!

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