The truth is..

- I dread scary movies.
- I don't have many fears but I AM afraid of the dark.
- Bombay's newish album is the greatest thing that's ever come my way.
- I've had very poor nutrition these past few days because mother is gone.
- I love late night chats with nat and/or brance. I hope one day caden will appreciate a good soul sesh.
- THE ACT IS NO FUN. I took it today and boy do I feel crappy about it. I just hope I don't score lower.
- Scholarships are bittersweet. I hate applying, but I know/hope it will benefit in the future.
- BYU and USU are my top 2 picks for college.
- I'm in stress mode because I'm realizing how poorly I just did on the act. I just have this bad feeling about it.
- I really don't want to go to SUU but mother wants me to way bad.
- I haven't hung out with a group of people in ages. Work, school & tennis have been in the way of that. I feel like a social outcast! Hopefully that will be fixed soon.
- Sushi is the worlds greatest food.
- Watching football games. Being at football games. Cheering at football games. I LOVE IT ALL. Cheering for any SC team is great fun. School spirit, YEAH!
- I love awkwardly waving to madi when she's cheering.
- Thrift stores are about the coolest places on this planet. So many good finds for so cheap.
- I'm in a bad mood. But I am about to change it by eating food!
- I want a puppy. But that dream has been crushed by my very own father. I've said that more times than I can count but it is what it is.
- Drawing is the coolest cool.
- I wish I could paint. But I'm no good.
- This list is going downhill real fast. I'll stop now.

In summary..
I LOVE PEOPLE-- family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and that little old lady that always waves when I pass by her house. 

Have a great day everybody, a very very great day.

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