jam night

You may be a little confused by the title. No, it was not a night to make jam. My mother was confused about that one. The name was formed while about 5 of us girls were hanging out in Abbey's computer room a couple years back..

"What should we do tonight?"-everyone
"We should have a GNO!"-meg

I obviously misunderstood her. I thought a jam night was some hip new term for a dance party. You know, like a jam night.. music night.. whatever. Point is, everyone laughed at me and we have called girls night out's, jam night's ever since!

Sophomore year we pretty much had a jam night every weekend, but last year we didn't ever have one! Dang you, Junior year. BUT some bright friend of mine suggested having one on friday and we got all giddy!

Jam night's consist of:
-learning new dance moves
-drinking choco milk
-talking about men
-reminiscing first kiss stories
-laughing for no good reason
-listening to rap and the biebs
-dance parties
-occasionally a movie
-lots and lots of talking

I love my friends more than anything. They keep me on my feet. I'm so grateful for their examples and the fun that we have! They will do great things.

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  1. everyone just looks so solid in this picture. LOVE THIS.