addiction, christmas and the latest.

So here's the deal. I spend money a lot. Correction. I spend money ON CLOTHES a lot.
I'm just a little tinsy tiny bit addicted. Trying to save for college + buying clothes = BAD COMBO. I really should be addicted to buying for others, considering this glorious Christmas season, but nope. I'm as selfish as a jellyfish. I keep saying to myself "after this skirt/shirt/sweater/cardigan, my wardrobe's set!" But after saying that more times I can count, I realize I lie to myself every time. Hmph. Looks like some change is needed. Therapy is welcomed.

Anywho, guess what time it is..
CHRISTMAS TIME!! And you know who loves christmas? This girl right here. Christmas is the best time of the year. I don't care whatchu say. Considering we don't have any Christmas decor up, besides some garland on the staircase, you could say my family is filled with a bunch of grinches. As you can see, I am certainly not but they are for sure. This week I am cracking down. I WILL get my Christmas tree up. Cross my heart. I'll post a picture as soon as the last ornament is hung!

And here's the latest, according to Mr. iPhone.
Jubilee of Trees

Movie with the fam!

Sunday funday with Caden!

This cool cat has a fabulous photography blog: Oliviaogier.blogspot.com

Rio with my girl Call!

McCall makes fantastic sugar cookies. Oh and Elf is wonderful.

Decorating the school! Senior tree was the best of all! I love stu co.

Classy day in JJ's.

Champion. Also my first wrestling match I've ever seen. Cool stuff!

I made cookies with my mama. They were delish!

Till next time,

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